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If you have been arrested, your records are just a mouse click away. Employers, prospective employers, landlords and loan officers routinely conduct background checks. Believe it or not, anyone, even your family and neighbors can easily access your mug shot and the details of an arrest. That is why expunctions, sealing and orders of non-disclosure are a great investments.

The granting of such orders can mean more job opportunities, better housing options and more privacy.

Common Questions

What type of records can be expunged?

Generally, arrest records for individuals whose charges have been dismissed or who have been found not guilty after trial.

What’s the benefit of an expunction order?

If your expunction is granted, you can legally deny both the arrest and the existence of the expunction order.

What’s the benefit of a Non-Disclosure order?

A Non-disclosure order limits who can have access to your criminal record. Upon the granting of an order, law enforcement agencies, school districts, public hospitals and licensing boards will still have access to your record; however, most private entities will not.

Who is eligible to file for a Petition for Non-Disclosure?

Petitions for Non-Disclosure are available to most individuals who have successfully completed deferred adjudication. A petition for non-disclosure is not available if you were placed on deferred for the following crimes:

  • Any crime which requires registration as a sex offender;
  • Aggravated kidnaping;
  • Murder;
  • Injury to a child, elderly or disabled individual;
  • Stalking;
  • Violation of a protective order; or
  • Any offense which involves family violence.

Is there anything that I can do to limit access to a final conviction?

Once you obtain a final conviction, your options are severely limited. Basically, your only options are to try to seek a pardon from the Governor or to challenge the legality of the conviction itself. That is why it is important that you hire an experienced attorney to before you are convicted.

Whether you are looking to expunge an arrest, seal a juvenile record or obtain a petition of non-disclosure upon the completion of a deferred adjudication, the experienced attorneys of Law Offices of Steven A. Hershkowitz can help you remove the stains from your record. We will guide you through the process, prepare the motions and prepare you for your hearing – if one is necessary.

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