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Being accused of a crime can be devastating. In addition to the humiliation, you face the uncertainty about not only your own future but also your family’s. That is why, if you are facing criminal charges, you need an attorney – someone who is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with aggressive prosecutors or to fight for your rights before unsympathetic judges.

With over forty years of combined criminal trial experience, the criminal trial attorneys at Law Offices of Steven A. Hershkowitz will fight for your rights because we understand that there is no such thing as a minor criminal charge – there are always unforseen or collateral consequences whenever one is convicted of a crime. Even a misdemeanor conviction can damage your record and potentially limit your employment opportunities. Felony charges can result in significant periods of incarceration and probation.

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The experienced defense attorneys at Law Offices of Steven A. Hershkowitz will leave no stone unturned in their efforts to protect your rights. We will comb through the records looking for both legal as well as factual defenses.

  • Was the crime scene properly secured?
  • Were the scientific tests properly conducted?
  • Were all witnesses interviewed?
  • Were the accused’s Constitutional rights violated?
  • Do the facts stated in the police reports make sense?

Just one mistake by either the police or the prosecution may be enough to get the charges dismissed or substantially reduced.

At Law Offices of Steven A. Hershkowitz we represent people and businesses who need help with:

If you are facing criminal charges, you are facing more than a criminal conviction. The direct consequences of a criminal conviction—fines, probation and incarceration—are severe. However, the collateral or indirect consequences often outweigh the criminal penalties as they can severely effect your livelihood and future.

  • Civil Lawsuit Exposure – A guilty plea in a criminal matter essentially serves as an admission of liability in related civil matters which could ultimately expose you to civil damages. An experienced criminal attorney will advise you regarding the possible civil ramifications of a finding of guilt.
  • Disenfranchisement & Jury Service – Convictions for certain offenses may make you ineligible to vote or serve on a jury.
  • Immigration – Any person who is not a United States citizen, including lawful permanent residents, can be deported because of a criminal conviction. If you are not a citizen, you need to be aware of the immigration consequences
  • Armed Forces – Conviction for a felony makes one ineligible to serve in the Armed Forces and might result in the loss of military pensions. Student financial aid: Certain convictions will effect your ability to receive financial aid. This affects the ability to receive federal grants, loans, and work assistance.
  • Professional consequences – Under Texas and certain Federal Laws , certain licensed professionals may face disciplinary consequences, including suspension and revocation of their licenses.
  • Driver’s license privileges – Texas suspends driver’s licenses for certain drug and alcohol -related offenses.
  • Sex offender registration – Texas, like all other states, requires convicted sex offenders to register their place of residence.
  • Gun Ownership – Certain criminal convictions will cause you to lose your right to bear arms. Felony convictions and convictions related to Domestic Violence will lead to a restriction in your Second Amendment rights.

Most people are so unnerved by their situation that they don’t take the time to consider all of the ways that a criminal conviction could effect their future. The experienced attorneys at Law Offices of Steven A. Hershkowitz, will ensure that you are fully informed of the consequences of a criminal conviction.

With over forty years of combined experience, we will craft your best defense in order to avoid both the direct and collateral consequences of a criminal conviction.

Let our experience work for you. Call 281-667-9414 or email if you need to speak with one of the criminal trial lawyers at Law Offices of Steven A. Hershkowitz.

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