Criminal Appeals Attorney in Houston

Sometimes mistakes are made at trial. If the worst happens, and things do not go well at trial, an appeal is available to give defendants a chance to present their case to a higher court. The filing of an appeal may lead to the correction of a mistake made at the trial level. Such mistakes include those made by judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys. Mistakes made by defense attorneys are usually labeled “Ineffective Assistance of Counsel”.

With your future at stake, it is important that you hire a persuasive writer who has the ability to sift through extensive and often complicated trial transcripts; one who not only has a thorough knowledge of the law, but one who also has the ability to effectively communicate such knowledge to appellate judges. Rememner, appellate courts are not anxious to reverse or undo what already has occurred, so they will need to be convinced.

The skilled Texas Appellate lawyers at Law Offices of Steven A. Hershkowitz will carefully review your case for errors which may have led to a wrongful conviction or an inappropriate sentence. We will fight hard during your Federal or Texas criminal appeal process.

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