Steven Hershkowitz

Steven hails originally from New York, and now resides and practices in Houston, Texas.

Education and Admissions

Steven was graduated from the University of Miami Law School, in Coral Gables, Florida, in 1978, and since that time he has been admitted to practice before the state courts of Texas, New York and New Jersey, and the federal courts in the Southern District of Texas; the Eastern District of Texas; the Southern District of New York; the Eastern District of New York; the Northern District of New York; the District of New Jersey, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.  In his almost 40 years of practice, Steven has represented clients in a wide array of matters, both civil and criminal, state and federal, at the trial and appellate levels.

Steven is a passionate and effective advocate, who believes strongly that every client should get his very best effort, because every client deserves justice.

 Advocating for Clients as a Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston

As a public defender in New York City, Steven honed his skills as a criminal trial attorney, tenaciously and successfully defending and fighting for clients who were accused of all classes and degrees of serious felonies, including homicides.  Since coming to Texas Steven has continued his criminal defense trial practice, as well as his appellate practice, which he also began in New York.

A Civil Rights Champion in Houston

His experiences as a criminal defense attorney made Steven aware of how the “system” tended to strip his clients of their most basic constitutional rights and dignity, and after going into private practice he became motivated to do battle with the system in other ways, to sue the government for monetary damages suffered by his clients when they had been falsely arrested, maliciously prosecuted, or subjected to the use of unreasonable and excessive force by the police.

Looking for Justice in the Workplace in Houston

Always motivated by a desire to vindicate the rights of those who had been victimized, Steven expanded his civil rights practice to the field of employment discrimination. However, recognizing that businesses also could be victimized – by baseless and frivolous lawsuits – Steven has made himself available as an employment law attorney to represent business owners as well as employees.

Policing his Own Profession as a Legal Malpractice Attorney in Houston

Inevitably, his motivation to seek justice for his clients prompted Steven to take on the cases of those who had been victimized by the judicial system itself, representing clients whose rights had not been protected by their own lawyers.  In the past twenty years Steven has taken on many such cases, which most other lawyers wouldn’t touch, suing other lawyers for legal malpractice. As one would expect, these are not popular cases in court, where judges and lawyers routinely try to protect other lawyers. However, Steven has been able to successfully litigate these cases, pressing the point that we all are better off, and that the system works as it should, when lawyers are held to the highest standards of practice and are accountable when they do not competently represent their own clients, and the clients are damaged as a result.

Utilizing his Skills as a Houston Personal Injury Attorney

Finally, because one of the most basic and common ways in which clients may be damaged is from bodily injury caused by the negligence of others, especially through motor vehicle accidents, Steven has successfully developed a personal injury practice, where all of the litigation tools at the firm’s disposal are brought to bear to obtain monetary compensation for clients harmed in this way.

Contacting an Experienced Houston Attorney

Utilizing a sharp intellect, finely honed writing skills, and a commanding courtroom presence, Steven has been successful in every area of his practice, and he will be a forceful and effective advocate for you.  If you have wrongs that need to be righted, and are in need of an attorney with a conscience who will fight for you, contact the Law Offices of Steven A. Hershkowitz today and schedule your consultation.

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